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Plant Installation

Are You Prepared for Successful Asphalt Plant Installation?

May 26, 2023 Paddy Comments Off

Plant installation plays a pivotal role in the construction of high-grade highways, as advancements in assembly and installation techniques for large asphalt concrete mixing equipment continue to evolve. To optimize efficiency, a thorough analysis of equipment selection and supporting auxiliary machinery is essential, along with a clear understanding of the tasks involved in asphalt plant installation and commissioning.

Adapting to the changing landscape of road construction methods necessitates the adoption of advanced production equipment that aligns with the demands of the era. Among these, intermittent asphalt mixing equipment stands out as a widely utilized road construction apparatus, renowned for its simplicity of operation and high efficiency. Consequently, it becomes imperative for personnel involved in the field to acquire comprehensive knowledge of installation construction and equipment management.

Large asphalt plant installation

The current large asphalt mixing plant should pay attention to the site selection and application technology, master the foundation and equipment installation, the following will be a detailed analysis of the large asphalt mixing plant installation.

Plant installation: foundation and equipment

In addition to siting considerations, it is important to note that the asphalt mixing plant should be located away from residential areas and agricultural land. Before installation, the equipment must be commissioned to confirm that there are no scratches and wear conditions, and that the bearings are lubricated according to the established bearings. Secondly, technicians must confirm the normalcy of the equipment and electrical system during the inspection. If there are abnormalities, they must be checked in time to eliminate safety hazards.

As the mixing plant involves numerous materials, all the surrounding resources have to be taken into consideration. The asphalt mixing plant should be reasonably selected according to the geological conditions. It is mainly divided into two types: field and soft foundation. As the soil in the field is hard, the subgrade should be properly erected and paved after digging deep. Secondly, the concrete construction procedure of the foundation should be taken into consideration, and the filling degree after excavation should be analyzed. After the excavation of the soft foundation, different technical techniques can be chosen to reinforce the bottom of the foundation, usually in the form of plum piles and vibrating shoring, etc.

In order to prevent the gradual increase of the base area at the bottom, to achieve the bearing capacity of the foundation, in practice, it is necessary to analyze the cracking and sinking equipment production hidden purpose of the foundation. In the process of foundation construction, we should pay attention to the main building part and aggregate dry part of the foundation pouring, in the process of foundation installation to ensure that the same level does not exceed the standard height, and thus minimize the resonance hazard.

Through the proven installation procedures, the establishment of the main building as the center, to three sides of the radiation for installation, in the large equipment occupies an area at the same time, must be completed in a relatively short period of time large crane basic tasks, and thus achieve the purpose of cost savings.

Plant installation: Cable installation

In recent years, with the increasing number of mixing stations, the power consumption of the entire motor has also increased, with a general power of about 500 to 1000kw. As the power supply line cross-sectional area is relatively large, in the control of the original process, to use the cable groove dark trench for its reasonable arrangement, in the process of arrangement to carefully check the cable table, in order to avoid the phenomenon of disconnection, to choose self-adhesive high-voltage tape for effective connection.

In the process of controlling the system circuit, the signal should be shielded first and arranged in accordance with the established requirements. In order to reduce the impact of external electromagnetic interference on the system, it is necessary to conceal the line protection, do a good job of safety protection warning, circuit direction to try to choose the oil circuit and high temperature areas. If the coordinates are not clear in practice, they should be set aside until the final commissioning process for detailed inspection and analysis of the line, in order to make up for the lack of perfection, to avoid damage to the line.

How to effectively manage the large asphalt mixing plant

In view of the problems that need attention during the large asphalt mixing plant installation, in order to manage it finely, it is necessary to start from various aspects and master various management methods, so as to improve the overall management effect. The following will be a detailed analysis of the effective management of large asphalt mixing plant.

Strengthen the management of production personnel

The daily management of the asphalt mixing plant occupies an important position for the production personnel. Since the actual management involves the main building, storage bins, material supply and asphalt supply, etc., a detailed analysis of the subsidiary components is required. In order to ensure the further development of the mixing plant, it is necessary to arrange for professional management to facilitate the normal operation of the mixing plant.

First of all, it is necessary for the relevant leading organizations to define their responsibilities, analyze the overall mixing plant information resources, do the work related to the automated operation and follow the established procedures in practice. Secondly, the operator must know the basic operating principles, master the electrical welding craft, and be proficient in the application and operation procedures of the mixing equipment. Other cooperating personnel must be familiar with the management and operation contents, clear the basic work flow of the mixing station, and have strong responsibility and enthusiasm in practice.

Strengthen the management of production technology

As the operating system of large asphalt mixing plant is different from the original small operating system, it is mostly controlled by the work server as the terminal, which must be operated according to the strict operation instructions.

However, in practice, there are cases of improper operation, which affect the effectiveness of the operation. Therefore, the team needs to conduct a detailed inspection of each operating procedure, including: the lubrication of each bearing, whether the switch handle is correct, whether the asphalt pump is warmed up to the requirements, whether the parameters of each system are within the allowed range, etc.. After the inspection, it can be started. As the road construction involves many influencing factors, in order to reduce the capital investment, the machine needs to be used in advance for preheating, and after doing the relevant operation procedures, other fuels can be used for fueling.

As the heavy oil is used for fueling by other fuels, in order to obtain better fluidity, the oil point should be heated to 100℃~120℃. If it is a cold machine to be preheated for at least 15min, wait until the basic temperature drops to 80℃~90℃, the moisture can be evaporated. In the operation process should be prepared in strict accordance with the procedures, can be the server and industrial control machine for online work, while observing the actual situation of the server and online machine, ready for the use of the instrument.

Cost management

The large asphalt mixing plant installation entails a significant capital investment. If the capital investment in each link is not properly controlled, it is easy to cause waste. Therefore, cost management should be done in the overall management. As the processing cost of asphalt mixture is relatively expensive, 1t in about 60 dollars, if long-term waste, it will directly cause economic losses.

In the process of cost control, first of all, we should control the loss of mixture, professional supervisors should audit the quality and quantity of materials in time, in order to avoid serious waste phenomenon, we should control the aggregates effectively. In addition, the fuel system should be modified and optimized, practice shows that a fully functional burner, to heat the aggregate to 180 ℃, greater than the need for diesel fuel 8L, according to the current oil price standards for calculation, will consume about 40 to 7 dollars, if the use of heavy oil can reduce costs.

Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the stable operation of the equipment, the fuel type must be reasonably selected to improve the comprehensive economic benefits.

Management of relevant information

As a large asphalt mixing plant is a set of perfect operating equipment, each component has specified technical standards and application parameters, in the process of equipment maintenance and repair, it is necessary to do a good job of collecting and managing the relevant data and important components. In order to avoid the loss of materials or other situations, it is necessary to make a good backup management of the data.

In addition, the daily production and maintenance of the machine should be registered and managed, and all kinds of information should be classified and managed, so as to facilitate future access and processing. In the data management, the relevant staff should master the computer management technology, the asphalt mixing process involves a variety of aggregate types, the amount and role of each kind of information are different, in order to carry out reasonable management of information, information technology as a management platform, technical management of data to avoid the loss of information.


Since the large asphalt mixing plant installation and application process involves many influencing factors, it is necessary to pay attention to it in practice. In order to avoid serious improper installation or other technical problems, a detailed analysis of the management method is needed.

Combined with the actual situation, the relevant staff should do their own work and determine their own responsibilities according to the contents of the practice. In order to ensure the effectiveness of management, we should start from the management of production personnel, production technology management, cost management, related data management, etc., and conduct a detailed analysis of the influencing factors, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing the management effect.

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