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Asphalt Plant Routine Maintenance

Your Roadmap to Success: 6 Key Components of Effective Asphalt Plant Routine Maintenance

May 29, 2023 Paddy Comments Off

Proper asphalt plant routine maintenance is crucial to ensure smooth operation and prevent potential issues. The operation of an asphalt mixing plant generates a considerable amount of dust, which accumulates on vital components, ultimately hampering the plant’s functionality. Moreover, the plant operates at high temperatures ranging from 140℃ to 160℃ and runs continuously for over 12 hours, imposing a significant strain on the equipment. Neglecting regular maintenance not only compromises the asphalt mixture’s quality but also jeopardizes the equipment, reducing its lifespan and undermining the plant’s overall performance.

For the asphalt plant routine maintenance, it should formulate perfect maintenance measures according to the length of operation of the equipment, including daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, semi-annual maintenance, annual maintenance. The following is the analysis of the main content of the asphalt plant routine maintenance and repair work of asphalt mixing plant equipment from these six aspects.

Asphalt Plant Routine Maintenance: Daily Maintenance

Every 8 – 10 hours of operation, the asphalt plant needs to be maintained in the following aspects.

Implement lubrication treatment for the relevant equipment according to the lubrication table.

Check the vibrating screen according to the maintenance instructions.

Check the air pipeline for leaks and deal with them if they occur.

Check the congestion of the feed pipe.

Perform a comprehensive cleaning of the control room.

Clean the discharge door after the equipment is out of operation.

Check the tightness of nuts and bolts in the equipment.

Asphalt Plant Routine Maintenance: Weekly Maintenance

When the operation time of the equipment exceeds 50-60 hours, the specific inspection includes the following aspects.

Lubrication of the equipment.

Check the degree of wear of the conveyor belt and replace the belt if necessary.

Check the oil quality and oil level in the mixing cylinder drive unit, and lubricate if necessary.

Check the tightness of the V-belt drive unit and make appropriate adjustments.

The bolt tightness of the hot material elevator equipment is checked and the grating position is adjusted to facilitate the feeding of hot aggregates.

Check the relevant chain and active wheel in the hot material elevator.

Check whether the induced draft fan is clogged with dust to avoid dust clogging the fan causing bearing wear.

Check the gear box and inject lubricant according to the manual if necessary.

Check the tension sensor and its related accessories.

Check the wear degree of vibrating screen, and replace the screen if necessary; check the wear degree of scraper inside the dryer, and check the wear of dryer drive coupling and thrust wheel.

Check the wear and tear of mixing cylinder arm, blade, shaft seal and other parts, and replace them if necessary.

Check the smoothness of asphalt spray pipe.

Asphalt Plant Routine Maintenance: Monthly Maintenance

Every 200~250 hours of operation, the inspection includes.

Lubrication of the equipment according to the lubrication table.

Check the tightness and wear degree of the hot material elevator hopper, chain and bolts.

Replace the seal packing equipment in the powder conveyor.

Conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the induced draft fan blade and check whether there is rust on the impeller, and check the looseness of the blade foot bolt.

Check the degree of wear of the pyrometer; check whether the material level indicator in the bin is normal.

Check the accuracy of thermocouple and pyrometer at the equipment site.

Check the asphalt three-way valve to avoid the phenomenon of valve leakage.

Asphalt Plant Routine Maintenance: Quarterly Maintenance

Every time the mixing plant equipment runs for more than 600 ~ 750 hours, the specific inspection includes.

Lubrication treatment.

Check the internal wear of the hopper of the hot material elevator and the wear of the discharge door, and replace them if necessary.

Check the wear and tear of the vibrating screen screen bearing seat, support spring and other parts, and make adjustment and replacement.

Asphalt Plant Routine Maintenance: Semi-annual Maintenance

Equipment wetting and changing.

Replace the mixing cylinder blades and bearing grease.

The whole asphalt mixing plant and the motor will be replaced and maintained.

Asphalt Plant Routine Maintenance: Annual Maintenance

Equipment maintenance.

Complete cleaning of the gear box and gear unit and filling the corresponding lubrication cup with lubricant.

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