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RAP Screening Equipment

RAP Screening Equipment

  • Location: liaoning, China
  • Model: PSL120
  • Startup: 2020
  • Equipment highlights: Energy saving and environmental protection, good screening effect

RAP Screening Equipment

Introduction& Advantages

Asphalt concrete recycling material screening equipment is mainly composed of recycling hopper, feeding belt conveyor, vibration screening equipment, finished material conveying belt conveyor, crusher, return belt conveyor, and control system. The recycled materials are loaded into the recovery hopper by the loader and transported by the feeding belt to the screening system. The qualified screening materials are transported to the storage yard by the finished belt conveyor for use. After sieving> 31.5mm agglomerated material is crushed and sent back to the sieving machine for sieving, and the unqualified material is finally discharged through the manual discharge port.

  • Low wear-out and long service life of wearing parts.
  • Fine classification, reduce the cost of engineering cost, and realize the dual benefits of economy and society.


Model PSL120C2 PSL120A3
Processing capacity(t/h) 100-120t/h 100-120t/h
Feed particle size(mm) ≤50mm ≤50mm
Screen grade Two grade Three grade
Finished material file 0-13mm 13-31.5mm 0-5mm 5-13mm 13-31.5mm
Installed power(kW) 49kW 60kW

Circular vibrating scree

The circular vibrating screen is a double-bearing eccentric block type circular vibrating screen, and the exciter is an eccentric block structure symmetrically arranged on both sides of the screen body. The motor drives the eccentric block to rotate at a high speed to make the screen box perform a circular track screening action, which realizes the screening work of the material on the screen surface, and is particularly suitable for screening with viscous asphalt.

Hammer crusher

It mainly undertakes the function of breaking up the agglomerated super-size materials, and structurally solves the situation of thermal bonding during the crushing process of RAP.

Dispense valve

Adopt manual control and pull the lever to control the channel of the material distribution door. At the end of production, the super-size material in the system is discharged.

Recharging belt conveyor

The oversized material can be returned to the feed end to be broken or eliminated.